Specialized in Machinery Trading, Engineering, and process technology.


Manufacturing high-quality stainless steel components for the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

NEUMO products are found primarily in production lines in the pharmaceutical, food processing, biotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales of sophisticated valve technologies made of metal and plastic.

Specializes in consultancy, planning and implementation of projects for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries. The focus is on supplying these sectors with complete plants and equipment such as CIP systems, pumps, valves, pipes and fittings, heat exchangers etc.

Producer of aseptic valves and hygienic valves. Used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

In the area of pharmaceuticals & life sciences, VTU stands for competence and quality in plant design for over 25 years. Expert knowledge and target oriented project handling lead to project success for our customers.


Wholesale of Food Additions Trading

Wholesale of Pumps, Motors and Valves Trading

Wholesale of Pipes and Tubes Trading


Upcoming Exhibitions 2022

Gulfood Dubai with our Partners
Rieger & AWH
14.02 – 15-02 Dubai WTC

DUPHAT (Dubai International Pharmaceutical & Technologies Conference & Exhibition) with our Partners Rieger, AWH & Neumo
22.02 – 24-02 Dubai WTC
Gulfood Manufacturing with our Partners SED, Rieger & AWH
08.11 – 10.11 Dubai WTC



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